Residential Junk removal

We ease your cleaning hassles

Whether you are doing some spring cleaning or are getting ready to move on to your new home, we are here to help get your house into satisfactory condition. We’ll make your house look great for showing so that potential buyers can see it in its best light, or we’ll just help you to enjoy your home again by giving it a fresh look.

In addition to our fast and efficient service, our clean out experts can help you determine what needs to be removed. We’ll take a critical and objective eye to your property and let you know what items are not serving you, because they are not working, they don’t complement the space, or they are a health hazard. We can remove everything from attics, basements, yards, storage units, and more! below is a sample of the areas we clean out for our residential clients and what we take.

Many furnitures drawers and shelfs that were left outside
motorbikes in a garage with other clutter

Types Of Junk We Take

When you have a variety of things that you need to have removed from your commercial or residential property, trust the team at Junk Rx to haul away your clutter. We take a variety of items ranging from large items such as appliances, couches, beds, chairs, tables, and mattresses, to smaller debris that can take up large amounts of space. We can also take away trash and debris from your property, leaving it clean and open!